On April 19, 1968, in Westwood California, Rebekka Ruth Lazone Bramlett (Bekka) was born to Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett. The Bramletts were a successful duo in the early 70’s, having gained fame by blending a unique combination of country, rock and roll, gospel, and R&B. They performed along with the musical geniuses of their era, and hit the top of the charts. Delaney and Bonnie go down in music history with vocal and writing credits of hits like “Only You Know and I Know”, “Superstar”, etc.
It is little wonder that Bekka finds herself in the musical world she lives in today. Growing up in a home where the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Miller, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison might turn up at a moment’s notice, and stay as houseguests for days on end, was the norm for this young lady.
Bekka was only four when she sang on her first record at United Artist Studios in Hollywood, California. A news article about this unique little talent went as stated: “It was so exciting”, Bekka gushed with a bright and dimpled smile. “The song was called “California Rain”, and it was on my daddy’s “MOBIUS STRIP” album. I loved every second of it, and wasn’t a bit nervous….up ‘til the point of “playback”……then, I cried! I had no idea how much me and Alvin (of Alvin and the Chipmunks) had in common….but then I got over it real quick!”













Bekka Bramlett then had her first developmental deal at the tender age of twelve.
From age seventeen on, Bekka has been steadily making records, writing songs (of which many became hits), and touring worldwide with some of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. Bekka states, “I’ve been so unbelievably lucky and blessed. Often, I sit back and simply thank God…..then just kinda giggle! Seriously, this is a trip! I truly love my job! “ Her “job” has taken her around the world and back…..to Nashville.
Bekka, who currently lives in Nashville, TN, claims to have a huge “crush” on the town. With her unique and all-encompassing personality, Bekka has never known the struggle of “fitting into” a new environment. She immediately “caught on” and caught the attention of some major players, with whom she shares close relationships still today.
One of her first experiences in Nashville involved Vince Gill. Gill is quoted as saying: “My God, the first time I ever heard Bekka Bramlett sing was in the studio where I was recording my “HIGH LONESOME SOUND” record, with producer Tony Brown. I mean, everybody usually has to run through the vocals at least, gosh….three or four times before they find the right voicing, or their voice gets warmed up.” He continues, “But NO….not with Miss Bekka. She just waltzes right in, with this huge jaw dropping voice that came flying out at us…..and I can’t say that I have ever been so immediately affected in my life, let alone my career!!” Gill laughingly adds, “I stood straight up outta my chair, and literally picked it up and tossed it out into the hallway. I think that chair cost me about a thousand bucks to replace it, but who cares? It was worth every penny!” Bekka then went on to spend many weeks touring with Gill.
Nashville remains amazed at the capacity of this young woman’s talent. Bekka has enjoyed living and working in this musical wonderland with some of the biggest names in country music. Country Greats such as Gill, Faith Hill, Wynonna, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, Dwight Yoakum, Amy Grant, Tim McGraw, Tanya Tucker, Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt, Montgomery-Gentry, Gretchen Wilson and more. The list truly does go on and on. The multi Grammy winning artist, Allison Krauss (who has won more Grammys than anyone in the entire history of the Grammy world), had this to say a few weeks ago about Bekka Bramlett, after a session in the studio with her:
“Wow!” Allison said excitedly. “Bekka is one of my favorite female singers and I can’t begin to tell you just how much I admire her. She is beautiful and is a completely amazing performer.” Krauss continues, “I don’t know how one woman can be the life of the party, AND be the consummate pro at the same time, I LOVE working with her!”
Bekka, who replaced Stevie Nicks in the Iconic band “FLEETWOOD MAC”, from 1993-1997, earned her rightful place in history with her musical prowess. Her forward-thinking attitude and sound had her recording duets with the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Dwight Yoakum, Vince Gill, Johnny Lang, the legendary “Soul Man” (Sam and Dave), Sam Moore, Bad Company, Kenny Rogers, John Waite, Delbert McClinton and more. Bekka’s down home, commonsense approach to life has somehow allowed her to accomplish this with humility and grace. Her willing-to-work attitude has made Bekka Bramlett one of the most in-demand vocalists today. With Bekka in the studio, the powers-that-be know that the job not only will get done, but will get done with the utmost skill and quest for perfection.
These capabilities have led Bekka to having hits with Jessica Andrews, Etta James, Dobey Grey, Shamikia Copeland, Faith Hill, and many more. Her ability to see life as an adult, yet continue to write with the excited heart of a child, makes her the respected and much sought after artist she is today.
Faith Hill saw the amazing and substantial talents of Bekka’s, and went on to make certain that the world saw the same. Bekka appeared on the widely viewed CBS Thanksgiving 2002 Special with Faith…..where she was interviewed about the process of co-writing hit songs for Faith and other artists. Faith Hill contributed this to the interview: “Bekka is a true phenomenon. I have recorded five of her songs, including the Pop crossover hit, “ONE”, as well as “UNSAVABLE” (both on Faith’s chart topping 2002 CD, “CRY”); Bekka has sung with me and toured with me for years now, and I still look at that girl in AWE. She is a star.”
2004 found Bekka Bramlett on Broadway, starring in the 4 times Tony nominated (including “Best Musical”) musical, “AIN’T NOTHING BUT THE BLUES”. She performed and sang nightly to rave reviews and standing ovations.
2005-2019 has Bekka still in Nashville, still living her musical dreams, and continuing to pursue the highest quality sounds with the greatest integrity of spirit, including a duet with Sam Moore “Don’t Play That Song” along with the great company of other artists such as Sting, Travis Tritt, Mariah Carey and Billy Ray Cyrus.